Great Catholic Gifts For Family And Friends!

Big Catholic Puzzle Book!


Don't be a Catholic puzzled by the faith!

Here you will find a variety of 100+ Catholic word puzzles to pass the time while maybe learning a little something about the faith!

Puzzles include Word Searches, Letter Sudoku, Cryptograms, Word Twists, Word Builds and more!

Instructions and answer keys are included for some of the puzzles. That's right. Some have no answers included! What can I say? I forgot where I put them! But don't let that bother you. Just remember to use a pencil with an eraser! That's what I am doing because I can't remember the answers!

So have fun and live the faith!

DISCLAIMER: These puzzles range from easy to challenging and may take up a few afternoons.

Puzzle book is 8.5x11 and has 135 pages.

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All rights reserved